Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween Maternity T-shirts

Happy Halloween season! My maternity skeleton shirt is the best seller of my Halloween Maternity T-shirts, and I wanted to highlight some of my other cute maternity Halloween designs.
Maternity Skeleton Shirt

Momster to be: This is my newest Halloween design, it comes in neon green, neon orange or glow-in-the-dark.

Pumpkin Maternity T-shirt: This shirt comes with "I'm growing a baby" or "I swallowed a pumpkin seed" text.

It's a Boy Maternity T-shirt: This shirt actually says "It's a Boooooy!" with a little boy ghost with baseball cap.

It's a Ghoul Maternity Halloween Shirt: The girl ghost shirt comes with a bow.

Alien Birth Halloween Shirt: This was my first Maternity Halloween design. I had a little doodle on a sticky note posted on my monitor for weeks. Each time I looked at it I would chuckle, so I knew it would make a cute shirt. It comes in glow-in-the-dark to keep with the other worldly theme. My friend wore it with a kids bicycle helmet, and she looked like the little alien from Bugs Bunny. (kind of)

Vampire Baby T-shirt: This one I made in honor of the Twilight series (for Bella's baby). That's why a couple of the shirts have "Little Nudger" on them. I can put custom text on any of the shirts, by the way.

Magic 8 Ball Maternity Tee: This shirt has a white 8 on the belly (the belly is the ball-- haha), and on the back is the familiar triangle with "It's a Boy!" "It's a Girl!" "Twins" or "Who Knows?"

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