Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Got my eye on Idol

Idol's back! Couch potato time for me.

There's talk been about Idol's demise since Simon is leaving next year... hmm... I'm not sure -- it's still a great show with built-in drama, dreams and the promise of greatness -- but my kids (who got me hooked a few years ago) were in other rooms last night, doing other stuff. it could be an indicator that the show is aging if the next teen generation is already losing interest.

I find myself wanting to give advice to these hopeful dreamers wearing their souls on their sleeves for our entertainment: Jermain -- respect the song! John -- you have a beautiful voice, it's a tough transition from a group artist with camaraderie and group energy, to a solo artist with so many choices to make and with no outside direction. Crystal -- you rock! Stay true to yourself, but don't dis the show, and don't let them tell you not to smile. And to the judges: Simon -- you were too mean last week, it was like torturing kittens, too depressing. Last night was better, we wouldn't after all want you to go too soft on us. Kara -- get to the point faster and drop the cougar jokes, it's annoying not entertaining.

Whew! Glad to get that off my chest.

I have a music design, I'll post that here. Time to create something new... searching for inspiration...

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