Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Getting Started

First post!

I'm launching Gladditudes, my site for happy, positive t-shirts.

[Glad + Attitude = Gladditudes]

I've been a graphic designer for several years, and I thought that it would take about a month to get things going. But noooo! Seven months later I'm just starting to market my site, and seem still very far away from my vision for it.

In that time I've made and rejected many designs, learned a little about html (still learning), SEO and internet marketing (just starting).

It's a new thing for me to be my own client. I'm used to "reading" my clients, and having a specific direction to go in, a concrete problem to solve. But with my own pet project...hmmm. I'm not the most linear of thinkers, but can be very focused if I have to, especially with client projects. But it's been a challenge to direct myself. I wrote about one page of a business plan and then dove right in. I learn by doing, by making mistakes and by seeing what works. Fortunately, I've been very motivated, and love it when I have the time to work on new designs. Right now I've been able to average at least one new design a week, though, truthfully, I design them all in about three days, then don't have any more time for another month!

I've just come back from vacation and have many ideas I'm looking forward to designing. I'm hoping to have Halloween t-shirts online by September, so be watching for them!

If you'd like to comment on what you see at my site, tell me what you think.

Happy T-shirts!


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